AdroFx 30% Deposit Bonus

Forex Deposit Bonus allows you to trade with additional margin, and is a free bonus just for making a deposit with us. To see how much your bonus will be, just study the following table:

  • 100$ to receive 10% Deposit Bonus
  • 500$ to receive 20% Deposit Bonus
  • 5 000$ to receive 30% Deposit Bonus

It's no secret that Forex is a huge market which is much bigger than a Stock market or any other. Some traders, who are already familiar with Forex market are dreaming about big deals and can do big profits there. But what to do if the deposit does not allows making trades which you already can do? What to do if you don’t have enough margin for the normal trading? The answer is – "30% Deposit Bonus”!

Make Deposit and "30% Deposit Bonus”, which will help you to increase trading volume on your Forex Trading Account.

"30% Deposit Bonus” is a subject to Terms and Conditions.


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